Living in Allentown

It’s Tuesday, right? No, wednesday now… Sorry, bit out of it. Haven’t been doing much outside of free cell. Sounds exciting, eh? The problem with the amount of free cell I’m playing is that everytime I close my eyes I’m playing free cell. I’m moving cards around, stacking, shuffling, trying to manipulate each stack to perfection. And then I realize how utterly useless this all is. I can’t play any games because of this. I’ve avoided Tetris since a high [...]

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The Most Boring Entry of All Time

The internet was bad to me today. My connection wouldn’t work all day long. It’s sad that something like that could frustrate me to this end. Oy. I haven’t much to say anyway. Slow day. I just worked on a couple of projects and got some stuff done. How’s that for vague. Anyway, have a nice day. I’ll post something interesting tomorrow.

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Signs, wonders, miracles, oh my!

I was talking with John Arcovio, my pastor, this morning. He had a dream about me a couple weeks ago that was dead on accurate. I can’t go into the details, it was kind of personal, but it’s nice to know I work with someone that sensitive. Arcovio operates in spiritual gifts a lot. To the non-christians reading this, I’ll explain. Basically, spiritual gifts are abilities that God gives a person to minister to others. Some are revelation gifts like [...]

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Use the Word Simulacra in a Sentence

Poem for Amanda

hungry momentspassed waiting for heran imagination stretchedacross a continent

a voice thats carriedover wiresand likewisethe simulacra of a voicewithout the intonation

atypical wondrous spiresof light and electricity>create in my eyes earsespecially my minds eyeone so tender and so realas you

Y’know what’s the worst song on earth? Desolation Row. It could be a perfectly fine song – only it’s soooo ungodly long. Especially in the live versions. For some reason, good ol’ Bob decided to finish the song with about [...]

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The Mystery of Love

“… and only then for the first time since he had brooded on the great mystery of love did he feel within him a warm movement like that of some newly born life or virtue of the soul itself.” — Joyce

The Mysterium

Somewhere between doubt and excessive familiarity man breeds love. What is a mystery? The classical definition is that which has previously been hidden but is now revealed. Is there room for doubt in love? Love is mystery. Only [...]

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Over there is Japan!


So Ben has a pictures of his latest skiing trip including one of Nadia which made me day. I’ve been mooning over Nadia for the last couple of months. I’m not really sure why. She’s just adorable and so terribly nice. I know “nice” is a somewhat milquetoast word – but she makes it into a profound statement. I just saw her a week or so ago in Toledo and had to resist the urge to [...]

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Élucidation encore plus

Cal-i-forn-i-ay! Remerciez Dieu de cette petite part de merveille snowless à côté de l’océan. Après braving la concession neigeuse inférieure à zéro les derniers jours en Ohio, il régénère pour faire un pas outre de l’avion dans le temps de 70 degrés. Et le soleil! Le soleil! Même vers le haut ici dans le nord glacial il est autour 60 en jour et ensoleillé. Ensoleillé! Je suis un wimp – temps m’affecte trop – le blâme sur la Californie. Ainsi [...]

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Elucidating the Present

Cal-i-forn-i-ay! Thank God for this little slice of snowless wonder next to the ocean. After braving subzero snowy sop the last few days in Ohio, it’s refreshing to step off the plane into 70 degree weather. And sun! Sun! Even up here in the frigid north it’s around 60 in the day and sunny. Sunny! I’m a wimp – weather affects me too much – blame it on California.

So I’ve been uncannily lethargic since I got back in town. Which [...]

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A Sentimental Education Reform Package

I got back to Columbus from Toledo yesterday. I had a great time in Toledo and enjoyed seeing all the smiling faces of some of the sweetest people I know. Not much going on in this entry today – little rushed. Hello to Siobahn, who wrote me a nice email that I can’t reply to for some reason. And hello to Amanda O., who is just adorable. B’bye.

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Christmas Wish

All I want for christmas is a Zegna cashmere blend three-button suit. This three-button, single breasted suit is expertly crafted from a medium weight wool and cashmere blend that feels like heaven and has a wonderful drape. The muted tone-on-tone stripe takes an ordinary brown suit to the next level. The jacket has a slightly tapered silhouette and is double-vented, has notched lapels, flap pockets and handpicked edges. This is an all-occassion suit. The trousers are double pleated with welt [...]

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