Month: December 2004

speaking of productivity

I finally got around to fixing a couple of annoying problems with this site: strange changing stylesheets on some pages email thing in comments made a mail to link (very bad, it’s gone) i got rid of the stylesheet switcher – from now in it’s sickly yellow or nothing. couple other things you won’t notice

where was i

ah, so christmas is over. but you probably already knew that. I had a quiet and altogether uneventful christmas. The only activity of the day was playing trivial pursuit with a couple friends that night. We won. I’m back at work today, for a couple days this week, trying to force enough coffee into my […]

slippery slope

So the other night i thought that i’d see if Max could get into his slide now. So I plopped him up and caught him as he slid down. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a look of such extreme joy. Apparently I hadn’t thought about the fact that i now had to lift him […]

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