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icarus and etc

needy aren’t they

interesting graphic/graph. show’s the ups and downs of approval ratings for the presidents since carter. notice that only bush I and bush the revenge are prone to skyrocketing… the only two termers among them, reagan and clinton stayed roughly in the upper middle the whole time. with reagan sagging slighty. in the polls i mean.

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redwood monkey beast

Ooo! I’m going!

Ooo! I’m not gonna!

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paint fumes

painted chili mac’s room today. apparently i’m not that good a painter. didn’t mix up the paint enough, and got it on the floor, out of the lines and on the window. yeah, well she’ll never ask me to paint again!

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first contact

this years most anticlimactic news story of the year

i put my contacts in this morning and couldn’t see. everything was fuzzy and randomly coming in to focus. Something must be wrong! i popped them out and noticed i had four contacts in my eyes. (i only have two eyes) guess i forgot to take them out last night.

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and then again

took out the all low caps thing. SEE! so that link below works now.

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i think the water heater was too heavy. threw my back out something fierce. in other news, we borrowed a steam cleaner thing from amy’s aunt. it shoots out 1000 degree stream of steam that is supposed to “”blast away dirt and gunk.”” in reality, it makes a big cloud and the gunk is hardly amused. i guess the tagline “”expensive, dangerous and inefficient sponge”” was taken.

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journalism down the tubes

this has to be the worst written news story of the year. i had to read this story three times before i figured out what the point was. i’m still not sure. apparently the guy who tipped off the u.s. army as to hussein’s sons whereabouts had been acting strange for a bit. he bought more bread than usual and was smoking cigars instead of cigarettes. he was seen sitting in a car once. he loved money. he told a [...]

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travellin round north county

so the girl and i go up to some depressed neighborhood about once a month to play cards (liverpool rummy) with her great aunt. usually we order pizza from this local dive near there. it’s good stuff, not exactly classic stlouis style, but something approximating it at least. this time we went to the ‘restaurant’ itself. it’s basically a room with badly stained carpet, aging posters on the wall and fold out tables covered with frayed vinylish tablecloths. the food [...]

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ah, this is good

commercial rants, brought to you by nissan i like angry talk.

i would rather drive sharpened chopsticksthrough my ears than hear “”it’s not delivery, it’s digiorno””.this guy is riding the subway and sees a girl with a pizza. this is what he yells. “”who delivered?””who says that? “”who delivered?””what are you supposed to answer to “”who delivered?””i would have said “”some loser in a hatchback.””

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taleeda, ahia

it’s been awhile – went off to ohio for a bit to attend my grandmother’s funeral, see the folks, the siblings, the vaguely related, the old friends who are still there, various gas station attendants, one particularly attentive highway patrolman, the hot dogs at tony packos, a hotel counterperson and some incredibly fat buffet diners (in indiana on the way back.)

oh, my nephews too. i’ve only seen the kids twice in their lives. they didn’t remember that. they did have [...]

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