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The Babies Didn’t Cry That Night

the babies didn’t cry that nightthough the wind was coldand whipped through the woods where they were huddledthough the wind was coldand flickered the torches of the men searching

a young father knew cold nightswhen his baby would cry as he walkedin front of a fire that flickered in the hearth

"Put the babies to breast." he whispered to the women crouched behind himthey put their babies to breastso the babies wouldn’t cry that night

a boy of three crouched below his motherhis [...]

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the boring part

this is it.

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Waiting for the baby

I’m hanging out at the hospital with Amanda waiting on this baby. Had a slightly scary moment a bit ago. After they started the epidural Sagan’s heart rate slowed down to 100 bpm from 130. They flipped amanda over and gave her some oxygen and that fixed the situation.

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