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Over there is Japan!


So Ben has a pictures of his latest skiing trip including one of Nadia which made me day. I’ve been mooning over Nadia for the last couple of months. I’m not really sure why. She’s just adorable and so terribly nice. I know “nice” is a somewhat milquetoast word – but she makes it into a profound statement. I just saw her a week or so ago in Toledo and had to resist the urge to tackle her and kiss her everytime I saw her. I probably would’ve been arrested had i done so though. At least the tackling part.

It’s a saturday’s morning in the world, at least I think so. Days are just so many numbers to me now. I went up to the ocean last night. I wish I had brought my camera. There was this gorgeous view right up at the water looking down the beach. The sun was setting to my right and the sky had this odd pastel watercolor look to it that was reflected on the wet sand. Going to the ocean more is one of my new years resolutions, me thinks. I live about six miles away from the largest body of water in the world and only rarely get close enough to look at it. So I think I should go to the beach more often. Going to the beach in Northern Cali is a different affair then going in SoCal. It’s cold up here. Not terribly cold – but too cold to do anything more than look at the ocean. You wouldn’t want to touch it. Maybe it’ll be more hospitable in the summer. I’ll let you know. The beach I went to is called “Clam Beach” or something derivative of that. There were a lot of clam shells there, but the birds had gotten there first apparently because they were all broken. I found a few that were still attached with whatever that junk is that attaches shells to each other. I also found a bunch of crab shells. I took one home. I’m not sure what one should do with a crab shell. Maybe I’ll attach some string and make a helmet for my dog. It’s about the right size. Then she could ride a bike! Crab Head Pookie doing wheelies down the street!