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Ehud’s Revenge


Sheer Tragedy

* I just noticed that on the ebay auction I’m conducting I’ve mistakenly selected “Seller pays shipping.” I’m thinking of having someone I know go in an outbid everyone at least to the point that someone coughs up an extra 5 to 10 bucks so I don’t lose money on shipping. Not that I’m going to lose money on this, I’ve garnered 36 bucks so far on a couple of old comic books. They probably [...]

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Aesthetic Squeegee

Firstly, we would ask that you would agree to this: I just remembered that I hadn’t checked any of my friends diaries in a long time. So I went and did that. Ben is sheer genius wrapped in tinfoil. And Nadia is as sweet as punch and I wish I could hug her right now. That’s the sentimental part. Please proceed directly to:

And Seeing As It Is Inevitable, agree to this: I couldn’t sleep last night. After [...]

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Promise me you’ll hate pudding

So, at this moment, the carpetman is laying carpet in my living room and my anteroom. I don’t know if my anteroom really is an anteroom. It’s not much of a room really. It’s kind of the room between worlds. Like in the Magicians nephew. With all those trees and ponds. cept, no trees and ponds. It is the room where pookie, adorable hound, sleeps now. By the way, I moved to the middle of nowhere in Northern California. I [...]

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