Written by 12:22 pm Miscellania

Signs, wonders, miracles, oh my!

I was talking with John Arcovio, my pastor, this morning. He had a dream about me a couple weeks ago that was dead on accurate. I can’t go into the details, it was kind of personal, but it’s nice to know I work with someone that sensitive. Arcovio operates in spiritual gifts a lot. To the non-christians reading this, I’ll explain. Basically, spiritual gifts are abilities that God gives a person to minister to others. Some are revelation gifts like “the word of knowledge” which is when God tells you something that you’d have no idea about unless he told you. Or prophecy (which sometimes is future events, but usually not), and the word of wisdom, which tells you what to do about something. Other’s are power gifts like healing or the working of miracles. I’ve seen all of these operating in my life and in the ministry of others. But no matter what I see it’s still easy to doubt. It’s nice to have a little reminder like Pastor Arcovio’s dream that this stuff is real.

Other than that I’ve just been sitting around working on stuff. See ya.