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crawl and sprawl

Chile is learning to crawl. He’s got the basics down and you can really see the neurons firing as he plants one knee after the other on the carpet. Kid is gonna need knee pads. We signed the lease on our new digs today. We’re moving up to the ground zero of STL surburban sprawl. It’s a nice place. Amy is already getting all Trading Spaces about the move.I uploaded a new set of pictures to the site. These are [...]

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i hope i closed my windows

Max’s new fun habit is trying to feed everybody. If you give him something to gnaw on he pushes it at your mouth and won’t stop until you try some. It’s terribly adorable.

I had to go in to work on Saturday to rescue a wheezing database server. The transaction log had filled up the hard drive and was coughing up a lung. In the process of detaching the database… something happened. So the ten minute procedure turned into a five [...]

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planes, trains, automobiles… except no trains.

We’re back in St.L after a week in the SF bay area. My younger brother got married and all that. I’ll tell ya about it sometime… happy mothers day!

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