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filth and consequences

good morning. I have quite a list of things to do today. first on the list however is cleaning out my car. it’s totally trashed. i left three cans of coke in the back seat. it got so hot in the bay area that they exploded leaving coke residue on everything. so much for resale value. add to that the fact that my dog was all passive aggresive yesterday on the trip up here. she knocked her food and water [...]

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By Any Means Necessary

Fine Fine Fine – I’ll go to the Doctor already. I’ve been encouraged to seek professional medical advice regarding the inflamed throat and waves of nausea and fever I’ve been dealing with for two weeks now. After about the fourth person to lambast my lassaiz faire attitude toward my health, I figured, OK, I’ll go ask some quack if i’m going to die or not. Bah. It’s not like I have malaria or something! Well, Arcovio does… after coming back [...]

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rocks in my throat

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday toooo you,

Happy Birthday, dear Amanda,

Happy Birthday to yoooouuuuuu

So, I’ll update already! I’ve been sick for what seems months now. Well, weeks. My tonsils feel like little rocks in the back of my throat. They felt better for awhile today, but i can feel them inflaming once again. Nice word picture. Inflamed little tonsils. It was just my right tonsil, but now it’s my left one. bah.

There goes THE BOX!

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