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europa europa

wednesdays go by and by… she’s still in spain.

today flew by. i only got a couple hours of sleep last night. I had to get up early to go over to the church to set up the computer. I traded my desktop for the church’s laptop. The desktop will be used to digitally record the services from now on. well, if we can get it working that is. So maybe soon you can log on to and hear little [...]

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I can smell the trees and they’re angry.

It’s spring – or some semblance thereof. Basically that means that the frigid rains of the north coast don’t happen everyday. Just every other day. I went to San Diego last week. Southern California. Everyone dresses better there.

But now I’m back up north. When I leave my house on a warm day it smells like nature outside. Like leaves and dirt and stuff. It reminds me of camping. I’m camping all year up here i guess. or something.

bah! not much [...]

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