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Halley’s Comet part 3

“I don’t know is not an answer, Phillip. This is unacceptable work. You know that you are supposed to do your homework in pencil. I just want to know why you chose to do it in crayon.”

Phillip shrugged again and sniffed his wet nose loudly. “I…”

“What was that?”

He sat silent trying to control his tears. Breathing hard through his nose, he tried to relax his jaw muscles. Mr. Atwood leaned back on the desk and crossed his arms. He looked [...]

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Halley’s Comet Part 2

The door to his left was shut. On the door hung a plastic sign that said “Principal Atwood.” On his right two middle aged women were filing papers behind a fake wood and orange counter top. “Overridge Elementary School” was printed in gold letters across the wood paneling behind them. Occasionally they’d look up at him with sympathetic eyes and Phillip would quickly look back to the ground. He sat there swinging his feet back and forth examining the [...]

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Halley’s comet

Phillip sat squirming on the edge of the plastic chair. He was finding patterns in the cream colored linoleum that was flecked with brown marks that gave it the effect of something between wood grain and marble. In the markings he saw faces, long nosed men with bouffant hair-dos and grimacing goblins with fat chins. He also saw hills, and trees, some mythical animals and the occasional long neck of a giraffe or the boxy smudgy shape of a dog. [...]

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