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boys vs. girls

Max seems to be getting the concept of sex differences, somehow. Last night he was drawing happy faces. He drew one in blue and one in pink. He told me “”Daddy is blue; Mommy is pink!””Later that night he found a book I borrowed from a girl. It’s He’s just not that into you. It’s a pink book. At first he asked me “”Is this movie?”” I said no. He flipped thru the pages, then looked at the (pink) cover. [...]

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max geeks out

Update: Hey, look we’re trendy.

I read this today and thought it was a good idea. So if you’d like to send max a note (give him a few years to learn to read before he replies) you can do so at MaxKidwell (squiggly thing) gmail (dot) com.It’s written funny to avoid spambots. evil spambots.I’m going to use it to easily record things, like funny things he says, first time things, etc. That way if I’m ever wondering when he [...]

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