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god bless vicodin

The tooth hole itself hasn’t hurt at all – it’s the headaches that have gotten to me. I thought vicodin would make me sleepy… apparently it’s more of an upper to my particular metabolism. The first day i managed to stay awake for 24 hours straight, and that’s after getting three hours of sleep the night before my tooth was pulled. Oy.

Having an aching head has made it hard to think clearly about money. I’ve been thinking about money a [...]

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no toof

I lost a tooth today. Well, it’s not lost – it’s sitting on my counter in a little envelope. I had a toothache for a couple days – so i decided to visit a dentist. He yanked that sucker out. I could’ve had a root canal and crown – but that’s 1500 bucks for a tooth no one can see anyway. So for a hundred bucks i just had it “”extracted”” – by extracted i mean torn from skull with [...]

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kitty and baby

i was uploading pictures to flickr tonight – found this photo – i don’t think i ever put it up on the chili site.

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print problems

I really hate printers.I have a Color Laserjet 5m – quite dead. I replaced every piece inside it – figured out the board is bad. It thinks the parts are all bad, so it won’t print. I also have a Lexmark black and white laser – didn’t work for quite awhile, just because the toner costs more than the printer. I finally found some toner on ebay for it, so it’s back and happy.Printer 3 is an HP officejet all-in-one [...]

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cold calling cucumber

yeah – it’s been awhile. I’ve been busily building a company or something. I think. Well, it’s coming together at:

Other than that, i’ve just been watching chili grow. He’s running around like a maniac now. I noticed something wrong with his leg the other day. His right foot seems to turn in, he trips on it a lot. Doctor says a lot of kids grow out of that – I hope so.

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