Month: August 2004

no more football

More pictures are up! We got some free tickets to the rams preseason game this weekend – so i went to my first and last NFL football game. The people who go to these games… biggest bunch of rude jerks i’ve ever met. I’ll stick with baseball! View the new pictures!

his word alone

Todays poll on the St. Louis Post Dispatch… I thought the wording was a bit strange: Which side do you believe in the Kerry swift boat controversy?52% JOHN KERRY — His medals and his word are good enough for me 29% KERRY’S CRITICS — Their story is too plausible to be made up 18% A […]

back against the wall

oy – threw my back out two and half weeks ago, i’m just now becoming mobile. that’s no fun.Chili learned to clap last week. He claps (sometimes missing the target of course) and laughs and always looks around to make sure everyone is seeing this awesome display of skill. The other day i was sitting […]

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