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happy new year

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amy made me sit down here and go thru the 100+ pictures i’d neglected to put up. See them here… and learn to do the chili dance.

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bah humbug

I threw my back out the other day. I hobbled about all day yesterday, and today is not much better. We should’ve been at Amy’s aunts house an hour and a half ago. They’re sleeping.

I’m wearing my christmas sweater.

the dell tech came and fixed my computer. yay.

i want me some egg nog.

oh, more pictures are on the way. maybe tonight.

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my case

It’s been awhile… i’ve been a bit to busy to post… wanna know why? Exhibit AWe went to the doctor today to get max’s 2 month check up. He’s 50% in height and 95% in weight. So, basically, he’s short and fat. The doctor told us to make an appointment with a neurologist – never what you want to hear, to check out his thumperism. I’m pretty sure that’s not the technical term for that. Basically his arm, leg and [...]

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quick trip

As you may or may not have noticed, some things have changed around here. I dropped the lemon yellow stylesheet as the default, replacing it with the newsy one (they’re all still available in the navigation bar.) I added a quick link thing to the nav bar, which i’m continuing to tweak. It’s nice because i can just hit a favelet and add it, with the minimalist comment of “”positive””, “”negative”” or “”neutral.”” The code for this is based on [...]

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