Some Nightmares are merely screams from Hell – Borges

I just woke up. I had a number of dreams that were odd and spooky feeling. The details have already erased themselves from my memory. I remember the odd and spooky feeling though. I woke up earlier because my dog was barking in the backyard. I went to the back door and saw that she […]

Oh Holy Night

Christmas is in like 10 days. Maybe less. I was reading Matt’s diary and it got me to thinking about Christmas. Not that I haven’t given it a second thought. I am a minister. The celebration of the birth of the founder of my religion can’t go completely unnoticed. However, besides a couple of scant […]

Raging Ellipsi of Death

Good morning.. night.. whatever… Ellipses are the curse of the internet. I think that’s what they’re called. They’ve made us lazy writers. Most of the email I get contains at least a couple… What do they mean? I would have said more but… You know what I mean… I’ve got me a subject, I’ve got […]

The Mortification of Flesh

Let’s start from the very beginning… I spent the night listening to Jewel. No, I’m not proud of it. But, sometimes overwrought sentimental music can be quite comforting. Ach. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.

Melody in B sharp

Bills, bills, bills. Lotsa bills. Got yer water bill, yer gas bill, yer ‘letric bill, yer phone bill (ooo what a whopper!), yer shoe bill connected to the knee bill connected to the head bill connected to the angel bill connected to the angst bill. Bills, bills, bills. Bills so big ya gotta’ call ’em […]

My Girlfriends name is Dusty, which is a lie.

Hmmrph. I guess that cookie is working properly ’cause diaryland didn’t ask for my login stuff. Let’s start from the very beginning shall we… In the first place, nothing at all happened today besides haircutting and going to the leaders training thingamabob at church. It’s the weekly training meeting for our cell leaders that… never […]

Call and Ask

Not that long disease, my life, but that long convalescence, my life. The liberal-bourgeois revision, the illusion of improvement, the poison of hope. ‘Nother long Friday. Friday’s are long up here. Not much to do. Baked meatloaf for dinner. Then I baked a cake. Talked to Nadia. Painted. Wrote. Read. The cycle continues. Perhaps someday […]

Ehud’s Revenge

TODAY Sheer Tragedy * I just noticed that on the ebay auction I’m conducting I’ve mistakenly selected “Seller pays shipping.” I’m thinking of having someone I know go in an outbid everyone at least to the point that someone coughs up an extra 5 to 10 bucks so I don’t lose money on shipping. Not […]

Aesthetic Squeegee

Firstly, we would ask that you would agree to this: I just remembered that I hadn’t checked any of my friends diaries in a long time. So I went and did that. Ben is sheer genius wrapped in tinfoil. And Nadia is as sweet as punch and I wish I could hug her right now. […]

Promise me you’ll hate pudding

So, at this moment, the carpetman is laying carpet in my living room and my anteroom. I don’t know if my anteroom really is an anteroom. It’s not much of a room really. It’s kind of the room between worlds. Like in the Magicians nephew. With all those trees and ponds. cept, no trees and […]

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