Month: March 2004


Last weekend (no the one before that) we spent a day at the hospital with my little baby hooked up to tubes. He was bleary eyed and confused and kept looking at me as if he was asking, “”What did I do?””He had a rotavirus, or as it was pronounced around our house for a […]


Once Max learns a new trick (um, make that skill) he becomes obsessed with it for a couple weeks. Lately the skill is rolling. As soon as you lay him down he’ll roll over. Which is cute, but requires his parents to learn a new skill. Namely, making sure they don’t lay the baby near […]

mental floss

I spent a little time this weekend editing the video of Max’s first swimming experience. He’s deathly afraid of baths but has no problem being dropped into a 1000 gallon hole in the floor. We propped him up on this inflatable ring thingy and let him kick his legs and swim around. After an hour […]

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