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Last weekend (no the one before that) we spent a day at the hospital with my little baby hooked up to tubes. He was bleary eyed and confused and kept looking at me as if he was asking, “”What did I do?””He had a rotavirus, or as it was pronounced around our house for a week “”RoboVirus.”” After a couple of days of messy smelly diapers he started feeling better. We could tell because he was actually smiling and laughing [...]

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Once Max learns a new trick (um, make that skill) he becomes obsessed with it for a couple weeks. Lately the skill is rolling. As soon as you lay him down he’ll roll over. Which is cute, but requires his parents to learn a new skill. Namely, making sure they don’t lay the baby near something they don’t want him to roll in to. Time is flying… i can’t believe he’s turning five months old this week. That’s the paradox [...]

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mental floss

I spent a little time this weekend editing the video of Max’s first swimming experience. He’s deathly afraid of baths but has no problem being dropped into a 1000 gallon hole in the floor. We propped him up on this inflatable ring thingy and let him kick his legs and swim around. After an hour or so he was deliriously exhausted. He slept well that night.I bought a carpet steamer this past week, so Amy spent sunday steaming the carpet [...]

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