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oy, my back hurts. um… in other news, we have a cat. well, kitten. It’s orange and odd.

Where is that liberal media i keep hearing about – the absolute disdain with which the networks have covered the DNC convention is palpable.

Yo, Peter Jennings… shove it!

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how did ayn rand get in there?

Ethics Quiz

To which philosophical system do your beliefs align? This is an interesting quiz that shows how closely your philosophical leanings rub up against the teaching of great thinkers through the ages. I really should take it again – as numbers 2 and 3 are quite disturbing.

My Results:1. John Stuart Mill (100%)2. Aquinas (98%) 3. Ayn Rand (97%) 4. Jean-Paul Sartre (94%) 5. Aristotle [...]

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apathy makes me hungry

Where was i? ahh.. Amy and Chile came back from Podunk, Missouri. They were down there to welcome her aunt who just came back from Geo. Bush’s war. It’s strange seeing Chile after a couple days of not seeing him – the first such absence since he was born. He looks… bigger. No, make that BIGGER. I don’t know how he managed to add a couple inches over a couple days, but he seems to have done that. It’s like [...]

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seventy two and tippacanoe

After upwards of 72 hours without electricity, the lights and fans and (oh, thank god) the air condition sparked back to life on wednesday night around 10pm. I think it’s around 10 – we were at the baseball game, et al, until midnight. Next Task: Grocery Shopping. Nothing cleans a refrigerator out quite like massive power outage.

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light out

We’re heading toward 48 hours without power at our house. Second power outage in a month. bah.The boy is at his Great Aunt’s house for the duration. Last night i went over there to hang out with him during a Mary Kay party in the next room. He’s gotten a wee bit nuts lately. He was throwing blocks from one side of the room to the other, then chasing them, batting them around, throwing a toy radio and cackling maniacally [...]

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