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cyberian frontier

I was looking at Max’s hands last night and was struck by how much they look like miniature versions of my hands. It’s just an odd feeling.

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spring sleep

It’s was a beautiful warm day today. Max and I went shopping as Amy caught up on her sleep. We walked around the mall and allowed old ladies to coo and gasp at how adorable he is. He just glared from his stroller and occasionally yelled his blah blah blahs.It’s quite amazing how St.L can go from terribly cold to terribly hot in just a few short weeks… it’s best to enjoy the relatively mild days while they’re here.

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coff coff

I’m sick again – having a baby in the house will do that to you apparently. I’m well enough to work at least, but not well enough to work fast or well. Next week i’ll look at my code and wonder what they’re putting in Dayquil these days.

Last weekend Max turned 6 months old. He’s become enamoured with “syllables” this week. All day long he’ll sit in his chair and yell “Blah blah blah blah…” It’s really fascinating and [...]

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nummer two

Life as a paper cubeis very dullI’d much rather be abig rubber ballor a pair of silver scissorsor a muraled wallmaybe a football bleacherin August or late fallor a piece of pirate loota jewel or a skullor a short bespectacled guynamed Reuben or Sol

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Fuzzy buzzy feelin’ in my brainsome say it’s heavensome say it’s painI da’ know, ’bout all ‘datall I knowis all da’ cool catsfeelin’ smooth feelin’ finechug double capps like sippin’ wine ***Chalky chunk of chipped choiceChaucer’smalt milk bean blendblunder of blemished blandbrandsold in thick crystalwith foam hatsand beanspeck sillhoettesprinklesan’ lovin’ every minute (that just flies by) ***Where ya’ been, svenbeen keepin’ it hotthree cups in the potuntil we saw you again

I been dreamin’, schemin’,of master plansaluminum [...]

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hunny bunny

It’s almost easter… I have the day off today for Good Friday, which means i have some time to scan up new pictures for you!

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