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Pulp Fusion

Is there any aesthetically pleasing application of black velvet? I’m sure there is.

anyway – drove a lot the last couple days – down to san jose, down to visalia, up to san jose, over to stockton, up to fortuna… and then back down tomorrow night only to come back up friday night… my poor car…

saw some old friends.. J. and A. Cain down in visalia. had some dinner with ’em. always nice…

mnyeh.. that’s it.

all my love… remember to share…

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what you need to know

All right, where were we… um, just washed the dog. She wasn’t pleased. She grunted her disapproval during the entire process. Also – I have gumbo! My first attempt at making gumbo was a stellar success. three cheers all around.

Going down south this week. I’m getting certified in an alcohol and chemical treatment program. um.. certified in teaching it, that is. I’ll be in the bay area for a few days I suppose – tho i might stay their [...]

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nature and grace

What a many bungled mess of leaves and drawers

and the slamming of doors and

the feathers which would seem to defy gravity

were it not for Newton

but rather the scholastic order

Faith and Reason

once friends but now something has come between them

and no one believes they can even

stand the sight of one another

and the gossipy old hens

clucking about the academy

keeping score and choosing sides

but at the edge of the playground

looking at his shoes

the boy no one thought to pick (even last!)

the boy Truth.

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ok.. need to update… um…

not much goin on here.. have to chop wood tomorrow. Apparently Big Al-D and I don’t know how to do it. We tried the other day.. to no real success… dented a couple of logs, that’s about it. Soon we’ll be real loggers. or something… yeah, right.

that’s about it.

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