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Occupy The Future

Police in riot gear protecting a bank

We need a course correction. The world is changing and technology is introducing new ways of distributing power and ideas. In some ways a correction is inevitable. Then only question is what direction we’re going to pick.

In times of great technological change options become available that simply weren’t possible before. Fortunes are made and lost, businesses pivot and react, politicians opine, preachers stir up anxiety and the clever take advantage of the shifting situation.

It is unlikely that extant systems of [...]

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falling back

Head of a Ruler Third Dynasty of Ur Bismaya Temple Gypsum bitumen 2000-2050 BCE



I like daylight savings time because it reminds me that my perception of time is a completely arbitrary abstraction based on the base 60 / 12 number system of a dead civilization which I have to translate into base 10 numerals in my head because my ancestors never thought to use their closed hand as one and six, but that’s ok because they are both, in turn, just arbitrary abstractions.


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Why Start Up In Saint Louis?

Traditionally, St. Louis has made its fortune on the rivers. It’s easy to see why. Sitting at the confluence of the two largest rivers in North America, during the height of the river trade, St. Louis attracted immigrants from all over, new businesses and even a shady scheme or two.

However, as America has moved to over the road trucking and air cargo, the leverage that St. Louis’ location afforded the city began to wane. Since then, the city has used [...]

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