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Excess Verbiage

The Internet As First Order Experience

Ok, so that’s what I wanted to write about. Basically the thought was: The role of interactive hypertextual media as artistic experience. As modern art has taken on the mantle of non-communicative first order expression how is the medium of the internet, developed as a means of communication, wrestled with and expressed it’s own seperation of author/intent? Unfortunately I haven’t the time to deal with this today.

Then I thought maybe I could comment on the redefinition of community by the digital “flattening” of social space. But I decided against it.

How about the ethical issues of intellectual property and copyright? Why do people download software and music that doesn’t belong to them without a moral shiver? Because it’s so easy silly. I’ve downloaded so much stuff my AOL account no longer says “Welcome! You’ve Got Mail!” but “Welcome! You’re Going To Jail!”