I’m sorry I’ve neglected to write…

I’ve had a gmail account since as long as there have been gmail accounts. I remember waiting eagerly for an invite and asking around on the pre-facebook and pre-reddit internet for a hook up to this crazy new email service.   When I finally got my invite I picked the name I always do – muddylemon. Of course, that’s not the most professional looking name, so I used one of my first invites to invite myself to create lckidwell@.   After a couple [...]

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Domain Name Key Party

Key stamps

Everyone – well, everyone in my social circles, has a stash of great domain names that were bought in a moment of inspiration and are renewed annually in a pitiful sacrifice to the God of good intentions.

It’s high time to give someone else a crack at it, and what better way than to transfer it off to a good home?

I mean you could just let it expire. Maybe there’s a budding entrepreneur out there looking for that exact domain!

However, you and [...]

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Rummaging Around An Old Hard Drive

Old Muddylemon Masthead

I couldn’t find any usb drives tonight so i brought out an old external hard drive. That picture is one of the first “mastheads” of circa the late 90s.

I also found this poem from the same time period:

Different Person

i used to be a different person, I used to have different thoughts I’m not sure if i changed characters, or merely shifted plots;

I used to be a different person, I was someone I once knew I don’t remember changing, I doubt [...]

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How To Find New Customers Online

How do you get your product or pitch in front of potential customers online? It comes down to “Where are your users?” and for each answer to that question “Can I afford to reach out to them here?”

Most people who know the gist of online marketing, but haven’t tried it, will say “Google Adwords!” Unfortunately Google ads are priced at exactly what companies bigger than yours with more cash to use can afford. Google is as close to the definition of [...]

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How Do You Twitter?

One of the reasons it is often hard to explain twitter to someone who doesn’t use it is that everyone tweets in their own way.

How you use twitter is often closely linked to what device or software you use. I’ve noticed who I pay attention to in my collection of followed people is different when I’m using the twitter desktop client, the website and flipboard on the iPad. (Hey everyone! This guy has an iPad!)

When I was first made aware [...]

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Organized By Output

Chris Brogan wrote a great digital devotional post about organizing your business and time. In particular he talks about how he sets priorities when addressing his daily tasks. Chris recommends a “pay yourself first” system where you first focus on promotion and lead generation first, then collaborative projects, followed by urgent and time sensitive tasks and finally those day to day tasks that have to get done, but aren’t particularly urgent or important.

His system reminds me a bit of the [...]

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