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the gospel in other words

Blessed are the spiritually bankrupt; for God will appear when they least expect it. Blessed are those crying their eyes out; for someone is already on the way. Blessed are those quaking in their boots; for promises have been made and they shall be kept. Blessed are those who don’t have anything to show for their striving; everything has been paid for already. Blessed are the doormats; your mercy has been noted. Blessed are they that haven’t compromised; for God [...]

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something happened

“No particular religion matters, niether ours nor yours. But I want to tell you that something has happened that matters, something that judges you and me, your religion and my religion. A New Creation has occurred, a New Being has appeared; and we are all asked to participate in it… Don’t compare your religion and our religion, your rites and our rites, your prophets and our prophets… All of this is of no avail. We want only to show you [...]

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what’s new? nothing really. my parents cancelled their trip to hawaii today. my mother has always had serious reservations about flying, and today’s news pretty much cancelled that idea. so instead they’re going somewhere within driving distance of san jose.

i was wondering whether a particular person might do the same thing, but seeing her diary entry today i guess some how the draw of lance has overcome the yawning gasp of history. — that sentence doesn’t make any sense, but [...]

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permanence and impermanence are not opposites

My dog is staring at me.

that’s ok. my life has been blurring a bit lately. days running into each other, jostling each other for prime space, hurrying the next day, cutting short the former. I need to find some sort of day job. the job market is extremely tight around here. it’s just the inevitable fall out from importing thousands of people to man the controls of all those companies that have faded into history over the last year. i [...]

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love cliches

“Perfect love casts out fear…” Inversely then, fear casts out love. It’s fear that keeps us from loving others. Fear of our own unlovableness, fear of rejection, fear of what we might do if given half a chance…

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Inversely then, love yourself as much as you love others. Be as compassionate, understanding and forgiving of yourself as you are to those around you. It’s the lack of loving ourselves that stands in the way [...]

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