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a magazine that i stumbled upon. the aesthetic is shockingly good.

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on the benefits of ownership

i have a decent job. it pays the bills and i don’t have to get dressed or show up anywhere at any particular time. that pretty much sums up the meaning of the phrase ‘good job.’ however, lately, i’m starting to think that i need to dip my hands in a little risk. not major risk, we’re talking sure thing – chili mac won’t starve – type risk. i need to have an ownership interest in something more than a [...]

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random unintelligible process

even when she sleeps, her forehead twitches and knots telling me clearly that it still hurts. the only thing that changes is the location and the intensity. i can’t see through the skin and bone, but can imagine with startling clarity the pulsing pain as it slowly wanders here and there. sometimes it speaks. in whimpers, cries and sniffs. sometimes her eyes look as if they’re behind bars, pleading for release. i want to bring that release, but i can’t. [...]

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um, forgot about all this

ok, i forgot about this site even existing. it suddenly occured to me that i hadn’t written anything in quite awhile. which is probably for the best as nothing exciting has happened either. it’s mostly the duldrums of work and the excruciating labor of everyday life. and popsicles.

i finished a couple of books including, but not limited to, things my girlfriend and i have argued about by mil millington, and the art of travel by alain de botton, i’ve been [...]

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