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A reverie, a litany, a loogie


Ok, I’ll update! It’s a friday’s night in the world. I went to dinner with the arcovio’s at an adorable italian restaruant in Eureka. Then we went for ice cream and swapped stories. it was ubernice.

Eureka has a lot of good restaurants for such a small town. we have a lot of people driving thru and touring. Fortuna however has about as many restaurants as i have fingers. If i had slightly more fingers. I’ve only eaten at about 6 [...]

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Well, Pastor Arcovio made it back from ethiopia safe and sound. He was in africa doing a crusace in Hosianna. You can check out pics and videos here. [link removed, it’s gone.]┬áBe sure to check out the video of the healed blind man.

Other than that, not much is happening. Have to go to a valentine’s banquet tonight. It’s cold. I just woke up. Don’t have much to say. Ah well…

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A Good Ol’ Fashioned War

In the first place, you never told me that:

it’s saturday, i think… time for musing, for skittery thoughts so confusin’, to make their livin’ cruisin’ past the corners of my mind. Hi time for flyin’, for bacon fryin’, thinkin’ about dyin’, possibly sighin’, that all depends on a girl who insists on only the truth.

And then after everything, you never admitted that:

It’s cold up here. Rainy and cold. My car door was frozen shut this morning. Which is the most [...]

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This and that and this again…

Screaming children and my dog don’t mix. Had a cell meeting at my house tonight. Half the time was spent making paper airplanes for the kids – finally got the adults settled in and ready to be edified. It’s been a hectic week with the pastor off in ethiopia and just about everyone else sick, away or generally deranged.

I don’t mind having cells in my house for at least one reason: It gives me motivation to clean up around here. [...]

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little letters love lollipops

good morning. so many things need to get done. i thought maybe they’d get done by me staying up all night. yet they don’t agree. not done they remain. all small case letters today. no energy for hitting caps keys. i need to start using coupons more. random.

talked to amanda last night. the usual highlight of my day. she keeps me from getting lonely. it’s awfully quiet and removed up here. nothing but trees and pookie. and amanda’s voice. what [...]

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Pookie and me

Imaginary Conversation with my dog, Pookie

Pookie: Where are you going?

Me: The kitchen?

Pookie: Are you going to make some food?

Me: No, I need some water.

Pookie: (standing awkwardly in the living room) Oh… that’s cool.

Me: Thanks.

Pookie: Are you going back to the office?

Me: Yes.

Pookie: Can I come?

Me: Sure.

Pookie: Ok. I’ll sit over here.

Me: That’s fine.

Pookie: I’m going to sit over by the wall.

Me: Ok.

Pookie: Now where are you going?

Me: To the bathroom.

Pookie: (embarrassed) Oh.

Me: It’s ok.

Pookie: I’ll wait here.

Me: Fine.

Pookie: You’re back!

Me: [...]

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Herb Roasted Chicken

Lunch time at Chateau Lance… I’m eating a Marie Callendars frozen dinner. Thank God for Sister Marie. Marie has elevated the paradigm of frozen dinner to an entirely new level. It’s frozen food that comes out of the microwave tasting like FOOD. Amazing. Frozen food is the staple of any single persons diet. The last time I regularly ate frozen dinners was when I was living in the dorms during the summer after my last year of college. I had [...]

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