Landing Page Optimization

Whether you know it or not, your website has landing pages. Those are the pages where a new visitor arrives whether by clicking an ad, clicking a link on another website or other means. When they visit your site, the first page they see is the landing page.

In this series, you will learn how to optimize your landing pages for a higher conversion rate using effective A/B Testing, easy to use forms and marketing messages that make your visitors click your call to action.


Don’t Waste Your Thank You Page

When is a visitor to your website “converted?” For most websites and analytics programs, the answer is the confirmation page. You may have also heard this page called the Thank You Page or Receipt Page or something else entirely. The fact that it has so many names makes it clear to me that there hasn’t been a lot of attention paid to this point in the conversion funnel.

Whatever you call it the most obvious thing to put on a page like [...]

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How To Build High-Converting Landing Page Forms

Be nice to your visitors

Many landing pages, especially those designed to collect leads, will use a form as the primary call to action. In this guide, you will learn how to optimize your form to maximize your conversion rate without sacrificing your lead quality.

Forms do a lot of jobs on landing pages. Jobs like:

Asking for contact information Qualifying a lead Segmenting leads to different sales funnels Initiating a purchase Subscribing to a newsletter Downloading a white paper or free trial

All of those specific jobs are implementations of every landing page’s one [...]

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Introduction to A/B Testing for Landing Pages


Everyone loves the story about how a scrappy upstart changed the color of a button on its landing page and suddenly increased its conversion rate by 200%. Stories like that make for a great headlines. They also often spawn copycats naïvely trying to replicate that anomaly in completely different contexts.

Do you remember when Dustin Curtis ran an experiment trying different way of wording a link to his twitter account? He noted that writing “You should follow me on twitter” had a greater [...]

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Creating Effective Landing Pages

Dude holding sales thingys

Imagine you walked into a car dealership to look at a brand new Hyundai. You’ve wondered if they have the leg room you need. You approach a sales rep and ask if the Hyundai Sonatas have adequate leg room for a big galoot like yourself. The salesperson nods and says that they are surprisingly roomy and then shrugs and walks away.

I imagine you’d feel a bit confused. Our image of car salespeople is that of the consummate closer. In fact, [...]

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