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flash baby

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url abcs

These are my URL ABCs:

A is for B is for C is for D is for E is for F is for G is for H is for I is for J is for K is for L is for M is for N is for O is for P is for Q is for R is for S is for T is for U is for V is for W is for X is for Y is for

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cows are moos, fish are neeemooos

Chile stood with his page of stickers in both hands, his face pressed up close, inspecting every one. He had a scowl of concentration written clearly on his face. THIS was an important decision. He had to choose which stickers he would use to decorate his new potty, and he wanted to choose the perfect ones. After a few (ok, ten) minutes he pointed at the froggy. I peeled it off and gave it to him, and he bent down [...]

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time flies

I found this thing on the web. It’s a little java app that you can upload your picture to – and then transform it. It’s kind of amazing… here’s me, in a few years…

This is based on an el Greco paint filter…

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things have changed

does anything look terribly wrong?

For some reason i decided to waste some time updating the look and feel of this site. It looks nice on my computer… but who knows what it looks like to you. Let me know if you see any glaring problems.

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stiff neck

I purchased a years subscription to flickr yesterday. It really seems worth it, they have such a nice interface, and – the deal maker – they have a little application that can mass upload photos. so, as you can see, i now have a 5 random images from my photostream to your right. enjoy.

my neck is a bit stiff today. I had a minor accident the other day. some guy rear ended me as i was turning onto dougherty ferry. [...]

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wake up chile

I accidently woke up chile the other day – cause he was so cute i had to take pictures…

“”Hey! What’s with the bright light going off in my eyes?””

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shake your cinabon-bon

I’ve spent altogether way too much time at the mall this week. It was mostly chile clothes shopping – adorable little outfits, complete with sandals and socks and floppy hats.I also bought a toy for the cat that was on clearance. That’s about how much i love the cat – clearance level only.

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i am a csi addict

csi comes on a hundred times a day. i know this now, and so does my tivo-type contraption.

That’s ok, because i can’t get enough of the pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo. It’s good stuff. One thing I’ve learned: the mom did it. I don’t know what happened between one of the writers of CSI and his mom, but it wasn’t good. Mom’s off their kids with reckless abandon on that show.

Furthermore: I think i’ve finally caught up with all my ebay [...]

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