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went, came back, going again.

Hmm… It’s terrible to start entries with brazen onomotapaeia isn’t it? I’m not sure if hmm qualifies tho. Anyway, had a boring weekend. I went out to stockton to visit people and such – people and such were around, but i didn’t actually do much. I was invited to a human scavenger hunt, whatever that is, but i declined because i only knew two people well who went, and two people only slightly. i called chey and she promised to [...]

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John LeCarre’ has your telephone number

what a day that will be…

finally finished the web project i’ve been working on, can’t wait for the check to arrive now… i’m ready to move. for those who don’t know, i moved from the north coast a couple months ago and have been staying at my parents house. staying in my parents garage actually, and that’s a bit wearing. i’ve been planning on moving to half a dozen places, but finally settled on stockton because i can move [...]

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