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Making Logos with DALL-E 3

ChatGPT recently rolled out DALL-E 3 image generation and the results are much better than the previous iterations. I experimented with creating some logos for this site and some friends.

It’s still working on stabilizing the spelling. I find it gets worse at spelling the more iterations you go.

My first web company, a partnership with my older brother, Webmyles:

Illustration of a minimalist logo where the letters 'LCK' are crafted from old, worn stone, intertwined with vines and alchemical glyphs. The name 'Lance Cameron Kidwell' is etched below, resembling ancient engravings on a temple wall.
Illustration of a logo design that depicts 'LCK' on a baseball card showcasing a classic pitcher in mid-throw. The edges of the card are slightly worn, and the colors have a faded, antique look. 'Lance Cameron Kidwell' is inscribed in a traditional baseball card font at the base.