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Um… Can we say FUD?

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belly button

Max’s belly button fell off today.

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the moral of the story

For those not from “round these parts,” the parable post below is about the grocery strike here in STL.

The moral: No one expects the owners and investors of a company to share their profits equally with all the workers. They are the ones who shoulder the risk and are therefore entitled to the rewards.

But what if they don’t want to shoulder the risks? What if every problem that cuts into the bottom line was passed on to the workers, while [...]

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a parable

Farmer Bob hires five workers to harvest his wheat. He speaks with the workers and agrees on paying five dollars a day for their work. On day one, the workers harvest the wheat and Farmer Bob sells the wheat for $100. He takes $25 out of the profit and pays the workers.On day two, the weather is great and workers manage to pull in a greater amount of wheat. Farmer Bob sells it for $125 and gives the workers $5 [...]

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a week already

Things get busy when a baby arrives apparently. We’re doing ok. Chili is starting to take trips outside the house. Last night was his first adventure to a restaurant. He slept thru all the noise and ruckus. We then went to Walmart (hiss.) Shopping is a much more complicated affair than it was before. He started fussing so we ran around trying to find a toy that might amuse him. I think changing his diaper would of done the trick [...]

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he’s getting so big!

Well, not really. He is eating heartier meals now though. So that means he sleeps for more than an hour at a time, which is good for Mom. New pictures, of course. Enjoy!

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It’s a cold blustery day in St. Louis. A good day for hot apple cider and a muffin. Or coffee at least. At the moment i have neither. The paradox being that it’s much too cold and blustery to walk down the street to get some coffee or cider. bah.Max is doing well. He peed all over me as i was changing him last night. I just take way too long to do that. It gives him more time to [...]

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eleventh inning

Well, that’s depressing.(I hate the yankees)

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day 5

The little glowing chili has a couple new pics up today. I still haven’t gotten around to formatting the page nicely. Someday… someday…I thought today was friday all day today. And i worked a short week. bah.

did you play this yet?

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it all comes together now

Programmer or Serial Killer? and more on judging books by their covers.

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