Written by 11:53 am Miscellania

Living in Allentown

It’s Tuesday, right? No, wednesday now… Sorry, bit out of it. Haven’t been doing much outside of free cell. Sounds exciting, eh? The problem with the amount of free cell I’m playing is that everytime I close my eyes I’m playing free cell. I’m moving cards around, stacking, shuffling, trying to manipulate each stack to perfection. And then I realize how utterly useless this all is. I can’t play any games because of this. I’ve avoided Tetris since a high school binge that had me stacking blocks in my sleep for weeks.

Other than that, I just need to clean my house. I’ve had boxes of craft products in my living room for over a month. I’m storing them in my attic. Well, I’m supposed to be storing them in my attic but they haven’t moved from living room yet. Every night I admonish myself to put them away in the morning. Never do. What else… um… that’s it.