Two Player Game

When I was a kid my dad bought us a video game system for Christmas. This was in the early eighties — the height of the Atari era.

We got a Coleco-vision.

It came with Donkey Kong. We were lucky that it came with a game because there weren’t any other games available. Literally. The Coleco-vision was discontinued and we’d already missed the closeout sales on Coleco games. I think any that were left were likely being used as a mulch over the buried [...]

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Lying At The Barbershop

Photo of an old barbershop

The guy that usually cuts my hair wasn’t in today. I always wait for him when I go in. Not because he’s a particularly skillful barber, but because of an awkward moment that happened the first time I went to that barbershop.

I had gone in for a haircut after a two year hiatus. For one year I shaved my own head for reasons that I could never really articulate. At the end that experiment I just stopped cutting my hair. [...]

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What was that all about?

Driving back to work, I saw a cop car with its lights on blocking the right lane of the expressway. I slowed to a crawl along the left edge of the left lane as I passed, thinking there must be an accident.

Instead, as I slowly panned across the scene, I saw a white fleet vehicle with a home decor business name painted across its flank.

Inside were three middle aged soccer moms with eyes wide as saucers.

Outside their car crouched a [...]

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The Babies Didn’t Cry That Night

the babies didn’t cry that nightthough the wind was coldand whipped through the woods where they were huddledthough the wind was coldand flickered the torches of the men searching

a young father knew cold nightswhen his baby would cry as he walkedin front of a fire that flickered in the hearth

"Put the babies to breast." he whispered to the women crouched behind himthey put their babies to breastso the babies wouldn’t cry that night

a boy of three crouched below his motherhis [...]

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