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awkward meeting

Somewhere, John Ritter, Johnny Cash and Robert Palmer are up in heaven… with nothing whatsoever to say to each other.

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wrong of way

the other day, the girl and i took a walk down clay to try to jiggle cmac enough that he’d want to get moving. we decided to cross the street at some point, so amy marched across with the dog and i paused for a second because a car was coming. the car slowed down and stopped because they saw me standing near the side of the road waiting to cross. Aww, how nice of them! Yeah right. If they [...]

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the first week and a half of the new job is under the belt. looks like i’ve survived ok.yesterday we had a small crisis. my last check from my old job was due on monday – they didn’t send it out until monday. luckily, i caught them on time and had it overnighted. Tuesday … no check. Wednesday… no check. This is getting bad. So i call up and find that someone didn’t put the right address on the package. [...]

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a pretty cnet?

eh, it could happen…

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the weather outside ain’t frightful

well, it was a perfect weekend yet we still managed to miss Greentree entirely. i’m satisfied with just hearing some of the announcements that carried over the few blocks to my house.i woke up at an insanely early hour and headed here to work. unfortunately, nobody has given me a key yet. so i went downstairs to the park like place to eat my breakfast. i tried my first McGriddle. oy, that’s my last one to. it’s like eating a [...]

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We ate at Cracker Barrel tonight and Amy just had to have that fuzzy stuffed squirrel. She’s been attempting to interest the dog in it. Ferris (the dog) is nonplussed. At work i’m continuing my reign of lucky breaks and guesses that just happen to pan out. This coming week i have to reengineer the security and data tracking for the game to more manageable session based approach.

whatever that means.

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slow train coming

first post in a couple days here. i have a new job, so i don’t get to sit at home and scribble out these sickly sweet nothings with such abandon. i always plan to write something when i get home… but it’s been a busy week. we went to lamaze class last night. i’m really starting to hate lamaze class. the lady taught for over half an hour on “”the three stages of labor”” then she played a half hour [...]

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waiting game

just hangin out waiting for my rents to arrive. it’s baby shower weekend so they’re coming down from chicagoland for the weekend. we might head up to the STL Art Fair or something. that’s it.

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a political parable

I went to a meeting a couple years ago. The point of the meeting was to organize the SF community for the upcoming protests at the democratic convention. After milling about, munching on perfectly terrible vegan snack foods, talking with stoned college students about “”the guvment, maaan.”” we gathered around a shrill woman who was there to get us pumped up about screaming at Al Gore. Mnyeh.

Part of her schtick was to have everyone in the room yell out [...]

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bad celebrity, bad!

Matt has insisted i push past my procrastinating nature and get those interview questions done. He sent two sets, so I’m answering the easy ones first. So here we are, sorry for the delay:

1. 7 11 takes the slurpee off the market. as this is the worst crime against humanity imagniable, how do you protest?

I would only protest out of solidarity with the Girl. She likes things with way too much ice in them. I, on the other hand, have [...]

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