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things and their attributes

Yay! The olympics are over! What a wonderful day. I’ve been a zen master at work… just breathing the same air as computers and seeing them spring to life. Speaking of springing to life, or the opposite rather, some guy at work died today. I didn’t know him… i just happened to be working on his computer at the time. He had a double brain hemmorage and collapsed. That is a very disturbing thing.

Other than that, I’ve just been spending [...]

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So it’s valentines day eh. hmmrph. This is the first one in my life in which i’ve “been” with someone. I sent my girl a big box of assorted things – some sweet and sentimental – some just mental. She seemed to take it ok.

I’m moving in a couple weeks. 2 1/2 ish actually. Anybody want a dog? Gotta figure out where to stash pookie. hmm.

that’s it.

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