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this site now comes in a tasty crunchy green edition. panic one and all.

problem with working at home #1:you can’t go home. if something comes up, you’re still there. if something breaks – you’re not in traffic. it’s 10 o’clock, do you know where your developer is?

problem with working at home #2:you can’t go to work. you’re asked – why can’t we go shopping? oh fine! go back downstairs, leave me up here all bored!

problem with working at home #3:the [...]

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added my amazon wishlist over there. no pressure! i’ve just been trolling through various blogs and finding other’s wishlists. i think it’s a great way to find “”leads”” for books that i need to pursue. i’ve added at least twenty in the last couple of days that way.

in other news, i just finished cory doctorow’s fun book down and out in the magic kingdom. i don’t really have any memories of disneyworld. i went there once and the [...]

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pet prairie dogs suspected in us monkeypox outbreak. yeah, that explains a lot.

(there used to be a link in this post, but it broke.)

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bush dance

well, yeah.

not much else you can say about that.

it’s alright, ma, i’m only bleeding.

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deeper… deeper…

turn loose now, relax. let a good, pleasant feeling come all across your body. let every muscle and every nerve grow so loose and so limp and so relaxed. arms limp now, just like a rag doll. that’s good.

now, send a pleasant wave of relaxation over your entire body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. just let every muscle and nerve grow loose and limp and relaxed. you are feeling more relaxed with [...]

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