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How to get Xinha Wysiwyg editor to work in S9y

For some reason I hadn’t been able to get any of the wysiwyg editor plugins in my serendipity install to work. It’s been a minor annoyance, so I decided to figure it out tonight. Here are the steps:

Go to Configure Plugins and download/install the Xinha plugin. If you’re lucky, it’ll just work. Download the Xinha package from the xinha website. Drop the file you downloaded (Xinha_0.96beta2.tar.bz2 for example) in a folder of its own. Run bunzip2 Xinha0.96beta2.tar.bz2 on the command line in [...]

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Smart up and down on the command line

I bet everyone already knows this, but I just learned it and love it:

# put this in ~/.inputrc # By default up/down are bound to previous-history # and next-history respectively. The following does the # same but gives the extra functionality where if you # type any text (or more accurately, if there is any text # between the start of the line and the cursor), the subset # of the history starting with that text is searched # Note to get rid of a [...]

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mySQL Murder

How to Kill Mysql Performance

Good presentation from Jay Pipes about big mistakes you can make when developing with mySQL. I particularly like the point of not thinking in loops but in sets.

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I love how complicated time is

What every developer should know about time.

Also, a guide to GNU screen.

And finally, “I think it takes a special kind of incompetence to use the same acronym in the same place for different offsets.“

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billions and billions

I’m watching cosmos on hulu on this all hallows eve. Earlier I took the dog for a walk. She does not like children in costumes.

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