yabbo yoobo!!

I think somewhere around the late eighties or early nineties the act of making up silly words suddenly got very serious. It suddenly became the business of marketing gurus and supposedly “hip” entrepuener’s. No longer do radio disk jockeys and cartoon characters rule the nonsense word world. Now it’s all nonsense dot com. And they […]

Fables, fables and Acapella…

Let me start as close to the end as possible, which is the only way I’ll be able to add a real diary entry. The problem I have w/ these things is that the more time goes by before writing these things, the more stuff happens to write about. So I just resort to writing […]

Working with Franz Kafka

I’m sitting at “work.” The reason it’s in quotes is because I’ve been “working” here for two days and have yet to do any “work.” Mostly I read stuff on the internet and then go outside and hassle the drunks. I’m working at this really weird insurance company on Market in downtown SF. Outside we have a […]

Pelican Babies

God bless America. I’ve been saying that a lot lately. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be ironic or if I’m using a cliche’ out of context in order to fill it with meaning. Well, I got home last night at nay 3am. Of course to me it was near 6am because I was still […]

Otto’s Pets

And now for the first entry… I’m trying my hardest to be coy, knowing and just a bit whimsical. The best entries I’ve read and in others’ diaries are. I think it keeps you a safe distance from either sentiment or tawdry self-aggrandizement. All of which are words much to exact to be coy, knowing or even […]

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