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Facebook Is Stone Soup – Part One

I’m sure you’ve heard the old story of Stone Soup — either through a reading assignment in elementary school or perhaps in The Pragmatic Programmer. I think it’s fair to consider the rise of Facebook as an elaborate retelling of that fable. Facebook isn’t alone in this, of course, but I’ll use them as a representative case.

In the story of Stone Soup, a coupleĀ travelersĀ arrive in a small village. They don’t have any money or anything useful to barter. At first [...]

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jFormer – interesting php/jquery form creator.

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There is, of course, no shortage of form building, validating and processing libraries. Zend has one that takes out the complexity of building a form and replaces it with more, but different, complexity. Most of the major frameworks have one. Most developers I know have considered or actually built something like that once or more times (this one included.)

Nevertheless, optimist that I am, I thought I’d check out jFormer. A form library that promises to simplify the [...]

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