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Pelican Babies

God bless America. I’ve been saying that a lot lately. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be ironic or if I’m using a cliche’ out of context in order to fill it with meaning.

Well, I got home last night at nay 3am. Of course to me it was near 6am because I was still on East Coast time. I had just gotten back from Toledo. yay! I really like that place. It’s the people following mostly. At first I was theorizing that the relative dirth of “things to do” in a town like Toledo contributed to the peoples of toledo having somewhat more particular personalities. You can’t afford to be the same person as everyone else when almost everything else in your environment (land, houses, activities) is almost suffocatingly the same. This of course proved to be sheer reckless theorizing. Actually, I just got lucky enough to meet a handful of very interesting and empathetic people there that let me feel more a part of this human thing we’re all doing than most other people I’ve ever run into. I like them.

We spent the weekend chatting amiably at various different venues. Coffee shops, restaurants, ben’s basement, ben’s living room, ben’s kitchen (there’s a pattern here somewhere!) all hosted the simplest of human activities… sitting around eating bugs from each others hair. NO wait! That’s the monkey thing… ok.. talking and smiling.

Talking and smiling, talking and smiling.

What else is there to do?

Thanks Toledoans…