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Working with Franz Kafka

I’m sitting at “work.” The reason it’s in quotes is because I’ve been “working” here for two days and have yet to do any “work.” Mostly I read stuff on the internet and then go outside and hassle the drunks. I’m working at this really weird insurance company on Market in downtown SF. Outside we have a variety of deranged and intoxicated people who seem to love me. Everyone else they just bark demands for money at, ME they come up and touch. I had one lunatic come up and pat me on the stomach and then say, “yo’ coo’ man, stay coo’.” Before yelling “Give me a dollar!” at a frightened little asian girl. Homeless people like me! I have no explanation for this phenomena. In fact nearly half of the friends that I in have in the bay area are homeless artists. Vic, Wolf, Mark… well, that’s it, but I don’t know very many people so that’s a lot.

I got to take a train to work today. Yay! And I got to eat wholesale mlb jerseys lunch in a sidewalk cafe while reading hemingway and looking shamelessly at the women who passed by. There’s a lot of hot females up here. Just walkin’ around. And stuff.

So one of the women that I saw I followed all the way back to work. I wasn’t “following” her, I was just walking back to work, but apparently she works in the same building as me only two floors above. But anyway, I’m walking behind her in shock because she looks exactly like Laura Wittenberg from behind. Same height, same color skin, same haircut, same kind of clothes, etc. Only she was about twenty years older. So I saw a middle aged Laura today.

That’s my stories.