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Ehud’s Revenge


Sheer Tragedy

* I just noticed that on the ebay auction I’m conducting I’ve mistakenly selected “Seller pays shipping.” I’m thinking of having someone I know go in an outbid everyone at least to the point that someone coughs up an extra 5 to 10 bucks so I don’t lose money on shipping. Not that I’m going to lose money on this, I’ve garnered 36 bucks so far on a couple of old comic books. They probably are worth some fair smack tho. I looked up the values, and it’s conservatively around 200 bucks for the whole shebang. However, I don’t care.

Sheer Delight

* Nadia emailed me to express her wish that she could hug me too. See yesterday’s entry for details.

* Another Kidwell has entered the world as of 8:30 this morning. This one is called “Christopher Myles Kidwell.” Quite a mouthful. Congrats to my brother and his dear wife.

* I slept all day. I didn’t go to bed ’til ne’r 10am yesterday, and then only got a tiny bit of sleep. Today I went to bed at around 5am, and slept until 3ish. I’m well rested.

* The enviromental group who I may do some work for emailed me and said that they just needed to see some references before they offer me a job. I sent them a couple. My references are fabulous, so it looks like I get to work at fixing computers, saving trees, and working with the cute granola girls at the foundation.

* I’m reading the book of Judges today. Which is the strangest book of the bible. It’s ruthless (which makes sense because the next book is called “Ruth” which must take up the ruthfull slack of the previous book.) It’s fun to read straight thru because then you notice the constant pattern of “Judge makes Israel act better, Judge dies, people start messin’ with heathen chicks and worshipping other gods, God gets ticked and lets them get taken over, people cry out to God, God feels bad and raises up a new Judge to deliver them.” And the stories are just crazy. Like ol’ Ehud, the left-handed action hero who sticks the fat king on the toilet until the knife disapears into his rotund belly. He then locks the door behind him. All the King’s men stand outside the door waiting for the King to get off the pot. After awhile they get embarrassed and knock on the door. They come in and find he’s dead. Elvis style.

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