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My Girlfriends name is Dusty, which is a lie.

Hmmrph. I guess that cookie is working properly ’cause diaryland didn’t ask for my login stuff. Let’s start from the very beginning shall we…

In the first place, nothing at all happened today besides haircutting and going to the leaders training thingamabob at church. It’s the weekly training meeting for our cell leaders that… never mind. It’s complicated.

So then, afterward, I went to Arcovio’s house. He’s my pastor and my boss. We had tacos. Then some guy from the church called because he was in the emergency room with chest pains. So we went over and prayed for him. Then I went home.

Now I’m trying desperately to download Fireworks 3. My computer crashed last week so I have to download everything again. The problem is that there’s been some problems with the akamai servers or something. They won’t connect. I know it’s not macromedia’s fault cause salon.com uses them for their comics. And the comics wouldn’t work last night. No This Modern World for me. So anyway I’m now downloading the files from a mexican warez site. which is noticeably surreal. I should go to bed soon cause I need to go to the city pastors prayer meeting tomorrow. It’s at noon. But I’m usually asleep at noon oweing to my incipient laziness. Incipient is not the right word to use there, but I want to use it. So there.

Aaugh, what else. Um.. found Jason Kean’s diary. Ben has links to all the ones I read except Jason’s because Ben hates Jason. Well, I don’t know if that’s why. But stirring up strife is what I do best. FINALLY, I’d like to know if anyone ever reads this. So I put a link to my new guestbook over there. Please sign and tell me that all my hard work is not going to waste. Thank you.

God Bless America.