Written by 5:00 am Miscellania

slow train coming

first post in a couple days here. i have a new job, so i don’t get to sit at home and scribble out these sickly sweet nothings with such abandon.
i always plan to write something when i get home… but it’s been a busy week.
we went to lamaze class last night. i’m really starting to hate lamaze class. the lady taught for over half an hour on “”the three stages of labor”” then she played a half hour video on… “”the three stages of labor.”” this happens every time. she’s talk about breast feeding for half an hour and then play a video that covers the exact same material for half an hour. Why not just play the video – then add your comments and ask for questions. keep it movin, woman.
then we all laid on the floor and pretended to listen to her. i don’t know why she thinks laying on the floor is so relaxing. it hurts. pregnant women don’t just lay on the floor do they? I hope chili mac shows up before too long. Like before next tuesday. enough of that class.
i’m now at work, beating on some code. my office is in downtown clayton (i don’t know if there’s a “”not downtown”” clayton.) I like this place because it’s like working downtown in a big city, without all that big city around.