Written by 5:00 am Miscellania

the weather outside ain’t frightful

well, it was a perfect weekend yet we still managed to miss Greentree entirely. i’m satisfied with just hearing some of the announcements that carried over the few blocks to my house.
i woke up at an insanely early hour and headed here to work. unfortunately, nobody has given me a key yet. so i went downstairs to the park like place to eat my breakfast. i tried my first McGriddle. oy, that’s my last one to. it’s like eating a couple of sponges. my teeth felt all weird after i ate it. no ninja grandma’s are going to get me to try that again.
by far, the best breakfast fast food sandwich is the Toaster at Sonic. Thick texas toast sandwiching some real eggs and thin sliced ham. that rocks.
i think the database i’m exporting is just about done, so i’m done too.