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wrong of way

the other day, the girl and i took a walk down clay to try to jiggle cmac enough that he’d want to get moving. we decided to cross the street at some point, so amy marched across with the dog and i paused for a second because a car was coming. the car slowed down and stopped because they saw me standing near the side of the road waiting to cross. Aww, how nice of them! Yeah right. If they hadn’t slowed down and stopped i could of been across the street behind them already. Sure it’s “”considerate”” to stop and let others go… but really it just makes the process long and uncomfortable. It makes me play that guessing game: “”are they stopping? are they not stopping?””
so, my point is: if you’ve got the right of way, use it. you’re not doing anyone any favors by not taking your turn at the stop sign, slowing to a halt to let someone cross the street, or, especially, stopping short of a driveway to let someone “”out”” when there’s only one car behind you.
waiting for you to stop is more annoying than waiting for you to pass.