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Pookie and me

Imaginary Conversation with my dog, Pookie

Pookie: Where are you going?

Me: The kitchen?

Pookie: Are you going to make some food?

Me: No, I need some water.

Pookie: (standing awkwardly in the living room) Oh… that’s cool.

Me: Thanks.

Pookie: Are you going back to the office?

Me: Yes.

Pookie: Can I come?

Me: Sure.

Pookie: Ok. I’ll sit over here.

Me: That’s fine.

Pookie: I’m going to sit over by the wall.

Me: Ok.

Pookie: Now where are you going?

Me: To the bathroom.

Pookie: (embarrassed) Oh.

Me: It’s ok.

Pookie: I’ll wait here.

Me: Fine.

Pookie: You’re back!

Me: Yep.

Pookie: I was waiting in here.

Me: I know.

Pookie: I think I’m going to go outside for a second.

Me: Ok.

Pookie: I’ll be back in a minute.

Me: That’s fine.

Pookie: (few minutes later) I’m back.

Me: Ok.

Pookie: I’m going to sit in the living room for a bit.

Me: Ok.

Pookie: Do you want me to stay in here?

Me: No… I mean, sure, whatever.

Pookie: I can stay in here if you’d like.

Me: It doesn’t matter.

Pookie: Well, if you’re sure.

Me: It’s fine, really.

Pookie: I’ll just be in there.

Me: Ok.

Pookie: (few minutes later) I’m back.

Me: It’s nice to see you.

Pookie: What are you doing?

Me: Working.

Pookie: Oh… can I help?

Me: No, I’m ok.

Pookie: Ok, I’m going to sit over here.

Me: Ok.

Pookie: Are you hungry?

Me: No, are you?

Pookie: No, I was just wondering. Y’know. If you were hungry…

Me: I’m not.

Pookie: Ok. I guess if you are you’d go back to the kitchen right?

Me: Probably so.

Pookie: Ok. Just checking.

Me: Do you not have any food?

Pookie: No, I’m fine. Unless you have something else?

Me: No, maybe later..

Pookie: Ok.. just let me…

Me: I will!

(continues unabated for the next four hours)