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A reverie, a litany, a loogie


Ok, I’ll update! It’s a friday’s night in the world. I went to dinner with the arcovio’s at an adorable italian restaruant in Eureka. Then we went for ice cream and swapped stories. it was ubernice.

Eureka has a lot of good restaurants for such a small town. we have a lot of people driving thru and touring. Fortuna however has about as many restaurants as i have fingers. If i had slightly more fingers. I’ve only eaten at about 6 of them tho. …. man this is boring….

so what would not be boring? and not too intrusive for a worldwide audience?

maybe a little poem::::::::::::::

Life as a paper cube

is very dull

I’d much rather be a

big rubber ball

or a pair of silver scissors

or a muraled wall

maybe a football bleacher

in August or late fall

or a piece of pirate loot

a jewel or a skull

or a short jewish guy

named Reuben or Sol