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A Good Ol’ Fashioned War

In the first place, you never told me that:

it’s saturday, i think… time for musing, for skittery thoughts so confusin’, to make their livin’ cruisin’ past the corners of my mind. Hi time for flyin’, for bacon fryin’, thinkin’ about dyin’, possibly sighin’, that all depends on a girl who insists on only the truth.

And then after everything, you never admitted that:

It’s cold up here. Rainy and cold. My car door was frozen shut this morning. Which is the most exciting thing I have to report. Life here revolves around reading and thinking and talking and then reading some more. Welcome to my Walden.

And finally, the last straw was:

Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis. Contrary to some heretics declarations western thought consumes us. All of us born on these shores think in these categories. Perhaps it’s hegel’s fault, perhaps our own.