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Herb Roasted Chicken

Lunch time at Chateau Lance… I’m eating a Marie Callendars frozen dinner. Thank God for Sister Marie. Marie has elevated the paradigm of frozen dinner to an entirely new level. It’s frozen food that comes out of the microwave tasting like FOOD. Amazing. Frozen food is the staple of any single persons diet. The last time I regularly ate frozen dinners was when I was living in the dorms during the summer after my last year of college. I had hijacked a goodly assortment of frozen dinners from my parents freezer and was eating one a day. I had looked on the back of the box and saw that the caloric content of each one was around 1200 calories, not much to sustain a brawling beast like myself – but i’d survive. After about two weeks of these I noticed myself growing rather wan. I rechecked the back of the box and noticed I had misread the calories. They actually had 200 calories each. I had lived for two weeks on 200 calories a day. That would explain why my pants were falling down so much.

In other news, I’ve been trying to download netscrape for the last couple days. I can’t seem to get it downloaded for the life of me. I’m downloading Opera as we speak from a server in Australia with no problems at all. I decided that since I’m working on several websites right now it’d probably be nice to test them on different browsers. Right now I have no idea how they look on anything less that 1024×768 on a pc in IE 5.5. hrmmph…